The PLUS project

Quick facts
• Programme: INTERREG IV C
• Total budget: 1 689 508, 00 Euros
• Duration:
October 2010 to December 2012
(Actual launch of project: February 2011)

Lighting technologies have undergone major evolutions in the last decade, offering cities new perspectives and possibilities for the development of their urban lighting strategies.

PLUS (Public Lighting Strategies for Sustainable Urban Spaces), launched in October 2010 and financed by the EU’s INTERREG IVC programme, capitalizes on existing urban lighting best practices in European cities. The project aims to help cities develop their lighting policies and strategies in order to implement energy efficient lighting solutions.

The Municipality of Eindhoven is the initiator and lead partner of this two-year European project in which 11 cities across Europe as well as LUCI Association participate.


The major objectives of the project are:


• Stimulate the development, testing and use of sustainable lighting by offering public spaces as test beds.

• Explore solutions to lower electricity consumption in partner cities.

• Contribute to the development of improved and integrated public lighting strategies and implementation plans for each partner city.


• Strengthen awareness of policymakers on the benefits of a sustainable, innovative, low-carbon based policy approach to public lighting.



More information on the INTERREG IV C programme here