Case studies

Overview of 10 main case study cities

Chartres (France)

Durham (U.K.)

Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

Glasgow (U.K.)

Gothenburg (Sweden)

Jerusalem (Isreal)

Lyon (France)

Medellin (Colombia)

Montreal (Canada)

Osaka (Japan)

Below are links to the case studies illustrating good practice in measuring impacts of light festivals and events and how the case study cities have used this information in their advantage.

The case studies have been grouped by impact.

Assessing and Demonstrating Economic Impacts:

Durham - Demonstrating Value for Money

Glasgow - Calculating Visitor Expenditure

Gothenburg – Assessing Visitor Expenditure

Durham – Assessing Visitor Numbers

Osaka – Assessing Economic Impacts

Assessing and Demonstrating Social Impacts:

Chartres – Working in Partnership

Eindhoven – Supporting Volunteering

Medellin – City Infrastructure

Museums at night

Science Uncovered

Assessing and Demonstrating Cultural & Image Impacts:

Jerusalem - Assessing Image Impacts

Lyon – Attracting Visitors

Glasgow – Profile of the City

Museums at night

Science Uncovered

Assessing and Demonstrating Environmental Impacts:

Lyon – “Eco-examplar” Light Festival

Sydney – Reducing Environmental Impact

Developing and Conducting Visitor Surveys:

Summary of Surveying Techniques

Developing Indicators

Indicators to Measure Environmental Impacts

Indicators to Measure Social Impacts

Montreal – Conducting a Visitor Survey