Meeting the sustainability challenge with innovative lighting

PLUS 1st Brussels briefing - Programme

28th of September 2011

11.30 – 13.30 (incl. lunch)
Rue du Trône 62 / Troonstraat 62, 1050 Brussels
(Metro station: Trône / Troon)


11.45 : Welcome/Introduction

Rik van Stiphout, Programme Manager, Lighting for the City of Eindhoven, the PLUS lead partner


11.50 : The role of LUCI in PLUS

Martine De Regge, Deputy Mayor of Ghent in Charge of Public Works and Mobility, and LUCI Vice President

11.55 : The PLUS project

Rik van Stiphout, Programme Manager, Lighting for the City of Eindhoven and Annemarie Totté, PLUS Project manager

12.05 : Creating value that lasts

Elke den Ouden, Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology

Today, innovations need to go beyond delivering commercial value to companies. Current societal challenges can only be sufficiently addressed when private, public, profit, non-profit, business and knowledge organisations work together to create meaningful innovations that deal with societal issues in ways that bring value to people, organisations and society. The presentation will give examples of projects and practical tools that can be used to create meaningful innovations and design the accompanying ecosystem that creates sustainable value for all stakeholders involved.

12.25 : Best practices from PLUS partner cities

Elected representatives from the cities of Leipzig and Sofia

12.55 : Sustainable Innovation: Towards a new innovation paradigm

Dorothea Seebode, Senior Director Sustainability, Philips Research

In 2010, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development launched its Vision 2050 report, stating that by 2050 some 9 billion people will live well and within the limits of the planet. While this vision seems rather unrealistic, more and more companies, civil society organizations and communities are embracing sustainability and changing their innovation scope, frame and processes. The presentation will introduce the sustainability challenge and its related innovation opportunity as well as four strategies for “Sustainable


13.15 : Q & A


13.25 : Conclusions



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